Abu Dhabi Tourism Investment Company, ADTIC is a well-established Private Sector, leading hotel owners, hospitality development AND tourism investment company successfully operating in the Egyptian market since 1988.

With a diversified and growing portfolio of landmark hotels, ADTIC hotels are all  advantageously located at the key prime tourism destinations of Egypt.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada AND the world’s largest open museum of Luxor.
ADTIC hotels are all successfully managed by renowned International Hotel Operators


Letter From The Chairman

Since the foundation back in 1988, ADTIC has built and upheld a successful track record in boosting the Egyptian economy by being a prominent investor in the Egyptian tourism industry which immensely contributes (Approx. 12%) to Egypt’s GDP. 

As Egypt gradually entered a new renaissance era of economic prosperity in harmony with the world economy and in tune with the twenty first century. After a long journey Egypt is witnessing its reincarnation into a modern, liberal, private sector led, market driven economy. It is a new society that is respectful of private initiative, mindful of the needs of all, where government is the mediator of progress and the arch